Encrypting VSAN VMs with HyTrust

Encrypting VSAN VMs with HyTrust

Encrypting VSAN VMs with HyTrust

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VMware User Environment Manager: Taking Horizon…

VMware User Environment Manager: Taking Horizon Air to the Next Level!

VMware User Environment Manager: Taking Horizon…

By Stephane Asselin, Senior Architect, End-User-Computing Technical Enablement, VMware Customers are using VMware Horizon Air with great success to drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) for desktops by providing their end users with a virtual desktop. A recent addition to Horizon Air is the inclusion of hosted applications, which means that users through […]

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vCenter Server 6 Availability Guide

Use the #vCenter Server 6 Availability Guide to architect a HA solution

vCenter Server 6 Availability Guide

vCenter Server has become a mission critical part of most virtual infrastructures. It can be a single point of failure if it is not designed for availability. vCenter Server 6 has many changes relating to vCenter Server and its components and careful consideration has to be made in the design of its architecture. With the release of vSphere 6 and multi-CPU Fault Tolerance many customers asked if they could use it to protect vCenter Server. Initially this was unclear but now VMware has released the vCenter Server 6 Availability Guide which describes how different availability features, like vSphere FT, HA, vCenter Watchdog services and in guest clustering solutions, can be combined depending on customer requirements for availability….Read More

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VSAN and The Joys Of Head-to-Head Performance…

#VSAN #hybridcloud keeping up with all-flash

VSAN and The Joys Of Head-to-Head Performance…

Everyone who works with storage technology eventually gets around to wishing for the same thing: wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could round up ALL the similar products, and put them through their paces? Reality intrudes, however. Getting a bunch of storage vendors to loan you their expensive arrays — all at the same time — is almost impossible, unless you’ve got a very big transaction to leverage. Finding the time and the space to do the testing is another issue as well — it’s rare that someone with the right skills has the luxury to spend several weeks doing array testing.

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How to Configure vCenter Server SMTP Mail…

How to Configure vCenter Server SMTP Mail Settings in VMWare vCenter Server:

How to Configure vCenter Server SMTP Mail…

Hi All , I believe most of them knows about it but I tried to write it for the people who want to setup it from the scratch. Whenever the alert is generate it throws a mail to the sender email id so you can get a prompt email and act as per the urgencies.… Continue reading…Read More

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How to install Micro Segmentation on your…

How to install Micro Segmentation on your #vSphere cluster

How to install Micro Segmentation on your…

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Removing VMware Data Security after vShield to…

How to Remove #VMware Data Security after #vShielf to #NSX upgrade

Removing VMware Data Security after vShield to…

An existing vShield environment can be upgraded to a full NSX environment, as described in my VCIX post “Upgrade VMware NSX Components”. All vShield components can be upgraded, except for one; vShield Data Security. The documentation states: NSX Data Security does not support a direct upgrade. You must uninstall the current Data Security software before upgrading to NSX Manager. After NSX Manager is upgraded, you can install NSX Data Security version 6.0. If you upgraded to NSX Manager without uninstalling Data Security, you must do so using a REST call. A few days ago, someone came to me with an environment where this exact thing happened. They had upgraded to NSX for all its goodness, but had not removed Data Security and could not…Read More

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VMware Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over…

#VMware #Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over HTML5

VMware Horizon 6.1.1 Application Remoting over…

With the announcement of Horizon 6.1.1 release, there are some new features added to Horizon solution. Of the few, one of them is Application Remoting which now support over HTML5 browser. I have that testing since Horizon 6.1 in a technical preview and was not able to show it. With this release, it is now official so I shall go through some of the screenshot how this was done. The setup is all similar is no complicated steps just an installation of an .exe binary on top of latest View 6.1 agent and the HTML access binary on the connection server. After which you have the freedom of choice to use a Horizon Client or a HTML5 to access your desktop as well as Applications remoting. The best part of this is there is no plugin needed for…Read More

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Tuning ESXi for NFV Workloads

Read all about it! Grab the white paper with tips for tuning the #ESXi #hypervisor!

Tuning ESXi for NFV Workloads

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) enables the efficiency and agility benefits that come from untethering network functions from proprietary appliances and moving them to a virtualized infrastructure running over hypervisors and COTS hardware. Enterprise IT departments have been realizing such benefits for a number of years but the telecommunications environment brings new workloads with different requirements. The vSphere ESXi hypervisor provides a high-performance and competitive…Read More

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