MicroSegmentation of Applications using…

MicroSegmentation of Applications using Application Rule Manager [blogs.vmware.com/networkvirtualization]

MicroSegmentation of Applications using…

“Micro-Segmentation provides a way to build a zero-trust network – where all networks, perimeters and application are inherently untrusted.” – declared Forrester Consulting in 2015 with their white paper Leveraging Micro-Segmentation to build zero-trust model. The last mile in creating a truly zero-trust network implies not trusting each application and also tiers within an application (Figure 1). To complete the last mile, network, security and risk professionals are increasingly looking for tools to understand application communication patterns and providing access controls to them. With version 6.3.0, NSX has unveiled 2 new tools, namely, Application Rule Manager (ARM) and Endpoint Monitoring (EM), to help professionals understand…Read More

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