ESXi Learnswitch – Enhancement to the ESXi MAC…

ESXi Learnswitch – Enhancement to the ESXi MAC Learn DvFilter

ESXi Learnswitch – Enhancement to the ESXi MAC…

The ESXi MAC Learn dvFilter Fling was released a little over two years ago and it has become a must have when it comes to running our ESXi Hypervisor within a VM, also referred to as Nested ESXi. The reason this Fling has become such a popular hit amongst our customers and partners is that it greatly improves the performance when “Promiscuous Mode” is enabled on a Virtual or Distributed Virtual Portgroup, which is a requirement for using Nested ESXi. Although this Fling works great, there are a couple of limitations with this solution today. The first of which is called out in the original Fling release notes, that once a MAC Address has been learned, it never ages out which is not ideal for long running Nested ESXi environments that…Read More

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