HyTrust KeyControl (KMS) for vSphere and vSAN

HyTrust KeyControl (KMS) for vSphere and vSAN

HyTrust KeyControl (KMS) for vSphere and vSAN

While working on a new Cohesity project idea which required the test of encryption capabilities from a primary storage solution, I was faced with the challenge of needing to have access to a key management service (KMS) solution. KMS solutions aren’t always found just laying around the data center, and I needed something fast and straightforward. Immediately reached out to a couple of friends over at HyTrust for some assistance since I had worked with them in the past while I was VMware. In typical HyTrust fashion, the were helpful and immediately responded with what I needed, giving me access to one of their encryption and key management service solution called HyTrust KeyControl.

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