Cohesity and VMware NSX: Slayers of Ransomware…

Cohesity and VMware NSX: Slayers of Ransomware – WannaCry

Cohesity and VMware NSX: Slayers of Ransomware…

Last week the world witnessed the impact of a malicious cyberattack which affected several organizations and institutions across the globe. Hospitals, airports, courier delivery service, telecommunications, government agencies, and others all fell victims to what is being described as one of the worst and most extensively spread ransomware attacks in history as reported by CNN Tech called WannaCry. The WannaCry ransomware is a severe threat that is exposing several global organizations to the potential risks of losing access to business intellectual property and customer related information. To make matters worse, the impact of WannaCry is putting lives at risk. As reported by CNN Tech, sixteen National Health Service (NHS) organizations…Read More

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