PernixData Architect 1.1 and FVP version 3.5…

PernixData Architect 1.1 and FVP version 3.5 are general available — Virtualisatieadvies

PernixData Architect 1.1 and FVP version 3.5…

PernixData, the leader in analytics-driven flash storage, announced today the general availability (GA) of Architect version 1.1 and FVPversion 3.5, the premier platforms for infrastructure analytics and server-side storage acceleration.

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PernixData Architect – Drill-Down Charts

PernixData Architect – Drill-Down Charts #PernixPro

PernixData Architect – Drill-Down Charts

To kick-off this series of short blog posts about individual Architect features, I’ve picked the “Drill-Down” charts as they count towards my personal favorite features. Most of you will be familiar with the saying “All roads lead to Rome” and … Continue reading →

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PernixData Architect Software

PernixData Architect Software #PernixPro

PernixData Architect Software

With the general availability of PernixData FVP3.1, PernixData released the first version ofPernixData Architect. One of the biggest problems today is, that management tools are often focused on deployment and monitoring of applications or infrastructure. This doesn’t lead to a holistic view over applications and related data center infrastructure. You have to monitor at several […] Advertise here with BSA

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Understanding PernixData FVP’s clustered read…

Understanding PernixData FVP’s clustered read caching functionality #PernixPro

Understanding PernixData FVP’s clustered read…

When PernixData debuted FVP back in August 2013, for me there was one innovation in particular that stood out above the rest. The ability to accelerate writes (known as “Write Back” caching) on the server side, and do so in a fault tolerant way. Leverage fast media on the server side to drive microsecond write […]

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PernixData – transforming to a new arc…

PernixData – transforming to a new arc… #PernixPro #PernixPrime

PernixData – transforming to a new arc…

Nearing then end of their Virtualization Field Day 5 presentation, Satyam Vaghani, CTO and co-founder of PernixData touched on something dubbed “The arc of company life” – basically explaining how a companies journey involves an arc, moving from startup, through growth, till finally peaking and then beginning a decline. Certainly all of these stages sound

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